Cabinet Designs You Could Install In Your Kitchen

Typically, homeowners who are installing new cabinetry will focus on the materials they should be made out of as well as how much functionality they can bring to the kitchen. Another factor you should consider, though, is the style of your cabinets. Since these are one of the most visible aspects of your kitchen, your stylistic decisions would influence the overall aesthetics of the room. There is a wide assortment of styles and designs that you could choose from cabinet makers. So what are some of the different designs that you could choose to install in your kitchen?

Shaker cabinets

This cabinet style is one of the popular options for homeowners who are looking for attractive cabinetry within a modest budget. They are characterised by four panels that form the framing of the cabinet and a single panel in the middle. Shaker cabinets are an ideal option for contemporary kitchens that have a minimalistic style. The shaker cabinets will provide your kitchen with sleek lines, making the space look less cluttered. Another advantage of these types of cabinets is their utilitarian design can complement any type of kitchen. Shaker style cabinets are usually made from wood. You then have a choice of either painting or staining the cabinets depending on your aesthetic preferences.

Louvered cabinets

This style of cabinets resembles louvered window shutters. The doors of the cabinets comprise horizontal slats with space in between each individual slat. Louvered cabinets enhance ventilation within the cabinet, making them ideal for storing items that would require constant circulation of air. Louvered cabinets are also suitable if you will be installing your cabinetry in close proximity to a heat source such as over your cook top or close to a radiator. Your louvered cabinets are also a great way of adding architectural design elements to your kitchen, as they are one of the more visually interesting options that you could consider.

Flat cabinets

If you have a small kitchen and are looking to create the illusion of space in your kitchen, flat cabinets would be a good option. These cabinets are void of any trimmings, mouldings or extrusions. In addition to this, you could opt to have them installed on a track that would allow you to open and shut the cabinets by moving them horizontally, rather than having them open outward. Flat cabinets can also be camouflaged to look like part of your wall, which would make them even less conspicuous.

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