Guiding Tips to Help You Choose the Ideal Canopy for Your Trailer

Adding a canopy to your trailer can make your camping trips and outdoor living more enjoyable. A canopy offers protection from the elements and keeps bugs and insects away from your trailer. There are several varieties of trailer canopies from which you can choose, and without some guidelines, the selection process can prove intimidating. Here are some of the key things that you should consider before settling on the best covering for the trailer.

Canopy configuration

There are three types of trailer canopies based on the mode in which they are mounted. These are wall-, roof- and window-mounted canopies. Wall- and roof-mounted canopies are the ideal options as they extend far enough to create a shade outside the trailer. This way, you can sit and have a picnic beside the trailer without setting up another awning. Window-mounted canopies are mounted on the window and only cover the trailer. They do not extend past the trailer's body and are suitable if you will only be using the space inside the trailer.

When purchasing wall- and roof-mounted canopies, ensure that you choose the ideal size depending on how far you would want it to extend on your campsite.

Canopy material

The most common materials used in making canopies are canvas, vinyl and acrylic. Canvas is inexpensive, but it requires proper maintenance to last for an extended period. Regular cleaning and carrying out small repairs will extend its life. It is also breathable and can allow air circulation inside the trailer. A canvas trailer canopy can be especially great for outdoor use during summer months.

Acrylic and vinyl canopies are durable and water resistant. They also resist damage from mould, rot and mildew. This makes them ideal for use in areas with high humidity. They are also quite easy to maintain and clean. All these materials make suitable options for your trailer canopy; however, the one you choose should work best to provide maximum comfort and enjoyment.

Additional features

Certain features can increase the value of your trailer canopy and improve its functionality. In this light, you should look for a canopy with legs that can be placed on the ground to offer added support. They can also prevent the structure from swaying if there are strong winds. Also, there are motorised canopies that are operated electrically. These can be quite convenient as compared to the manual ones. However, when buying a motorised canopy, ensure it has manual fixtures that will allow it to open and close if there is no power.

Consider these guidelines when purchasing a canopy for your trailer. Ensure you choose a reputable dealer with high-quality canopies and one who can offer further advice on their maintenance and use depending on your choice.