Furniture Restoration: Simple Guidelines on Rejuvenating Your Wooden Pieces

Wooden furniture has unique aesthetic appeal because of its authentic appearance. Also, the pieces are durable and can be installed in both traditional and contemporary homes. Unfortunately, old wooden tables, chairs and other items can lose their original charm due to years of use. If this is your case, you should not be in a hurry to dispose of the furniture. With some few improvements, you can rejuvenate the wood and reveal the initial value. Here are simple guidelines on restoring your old timber furniture.

Remove the Old Paint

Wooden pieces of furniture in the home often have layers of paint or varnish. Over the years, fresh coats might have been applied to enhance the visual impact. Regrettably, these layers build up and lower the appeal of the surfaces. Therefore, the first step of restoration must be the removal of the old paint. You can purchase a chemical stripper from a hardware store. This material will soften the paint, allowing you to scrape off the old coatings with ease.

Wipe and Sand Down

Once you have scraped the old paint, you should wipe the surfaces of the wood. You should use clean rugs and some mineral spirits for the best results. Allow the furniture to dry completely before proceeding. Next, you will need to sand the timber. This process is essential for removing the paint residue on the wood. Also, sanding will prepare the wood for treatment. You can choose to use a machine or sand manually using sandpaper. 

Repair the Defects

If you have had your wooden furniture for some time, there are bound to be defects on the surfaces. These blemishes can include nicks, dents and holes. After you sand, they will be apparent. So, you can perform the repairs with ease. For this task, you will need to acquire some wood filler or paste from your local hardware store. Apply this material to the damaged areas of the piece and mould the soft material to match the design of the wood.

Sand and Stain

Once the wood paste or filler sets, you should sand the entire piece again with fine grit sandpaper. This process will smooth the wood and refine the paste for a uniform look. When you are satisfied with the level of refinement, you should wipe the dust off and then stain the wood to enhance the beautiful natural grain.

If you have multiple pieces of furniture in your home which could use some refurbishment, you should consult a restoration expert for professional assistance.

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