Two types of furniture elderly people could greatly benefit from owning

There are certain types of furniture that can be particularly useful in an elderly person's home. Here are two examples.

An electric recliner

Whilst plenty of younger people also have electric recliners, this furniture is especially helpful in an elderly person's home. The reasons for this are as follows; firstly, because having a fall can have serious implications for an elderly person's health, they need to take great care to avoid this type of accident. However, if they have vertigo that affects their balance or arthritis that makes them stiff, an elderly person may struggle to sit down or get up from a chair without stumbling or swaying in a manner that could easily result in a fall.

Having an electric recliner could reduce their chances of falling whilst they're attempting to sit or get up from their chair, as this electrical furniture will slowly glide upward to gently lift them out of the chair and stay at this angled position so that when they want to sit down again, they don't have to bend their knees too much or stretch their arms back to reach out for the arms of the chair. Instead, they simply lean against the angled seat, press a button and the furniture will slowly return them to a seated position.

Furthermore, if an elderly person is retired and is at home most of the day, they will probably spend more time than average in their living room. If they like to take afternoon naps but often feel too tired or stiff to walk from their living room to their bedroom when the urge to snooze arises, they can also switch this chair to its reclined position and snooze right where they are, just by pressing the chair's remote.

A sofa bed

A sofa bed could be another great item for an elderly person to have in their living room as, like an electric recliner, it could help them to deal with some of the day-to-day challenges that come with getting older. For example, older people are more likely than younger people to have serious health issues and also tend to need more time to recuperate from them.

If for example, an elderly person who lives in a two-storey house ends up needing to have a hip replacement, having a sofa bed in their living room on the ground floor would mean that they could sleep on this floor and avoid the pain of trying to climb up or down the stairs to get or from their bedroom whilst they're recovering.

A sofa bed could also be helpful if an elderly person lives in a small retirement apartment and wants to have their grandchild stay with them occasionally, as the sofa bed could be used by the child if there is no spare bedroom in the property.

To learn more, reach out to a local furniture store that offers products like electric recliners.