Top Features to Look for in a Quality Lift Chair

High-quality lift chairs can improve your comfort levels, particularly if you have joint problems or are recovering from a surgical procedure. When the simple act of seating and standing feels labouring, you can rely on a lift chair to make life easy. Different brands always try to perfect their products, a significant advantage to consumers. Therefore, when shopping for a new lift chair, it is advisable to look at different brands to get maximum value for money. This article highlights tips for inspecting and purchasing a lift chair.

Load Capacity — This is arguably the most forgotten aspect as far as lift chair purchase goes. Most people believe that a lift chair is a one-size-fits-all piece of furniture. However, it is not the case since failure to confirm load capacities increases the chances of buying the wrong chair. Notably, different companies use different technologies to differentiate their lift chairs from competitors. It means that the various lift chair brands you find in stores have varying load capacities. Most importantly, only buy a lift chair that accommodates your weight. If you buy a chair with a low load capacity, its frame and springs will wear fast, affecting durability.

Add-Ons — What is one type of chair offering that another is not? You should ask yourself this question before purchasing a lift chair. While the primary task of a lift chair is to make seating and standing a breeze for a user, add-ons can enhance the experience. For instance, a lift chair with an in-built tray or cup holder is much more comfortable than one without. A user does not have to keep holding their cup or plate while seated, ensuring enhanced comfort. Other lift chair add-ons that improve user experience include charging ports, massage and heating pads and reading lamps. The more practical add-ons a lift chair has, the better.

Seat Material — Just because a lift chair is on sale does not mean that it is worth the discount. Unfortunately, most buyers fall victim to low-priced lift chairs at the expense of their comfort. Note that a lift chair's fabric dictates its cost, even during clearance sales. For example, leather lift chairs do not attract huge discounts due to the quality of the material. On the other hand, cloth upholstered lift chairs are priced lowly since they are easier to manufacture, but they may be less comfortable for you than leather. Ultimately, ensure that the lift chair material you choose can withstand the rigours of everyday usage.