4 Trending Sliding Door Wardrobe Designs To Consider For Your Renovation

Sliding door wardrobes have been around for quite a while, but that doesn't mean they haven't changed in that time. Each year, new trends surface in the world of interior design that bring a whole new feel to sliding wardrobes. If you're thinking of renovating your bedroom with sliding wardrobes to increase your storage and reduce the amount of space wasted, consider one of these four trendy styles to really brighten up your room and future-proof your interior design.

1. Mixed materials

A great way to add some trendy character to your room is by opting for sliding wardrobe doors that combine different materials. using different materials on your wardrobe's sliding doors. Gone are the days where you were stuck with choosing between wood, metal, and glass. Now you can combine them as you see fit, or bring other materials into the mix too. For example, why not go for metal frames with mirrored panels to create the illusion of more space while evoking an industrial theme? Alternatively, choose a mix of wood and bamboo to bring the outdoors in with a contemporary feel. The options are limitless. 

2. Full mirrored doors

Full mirrored sliding door wardrobes have been on the uptick for years thanks to their beauty and functionality. Along with keeping your clothes stored and hidden, mirrored sliding doors completely transform the space outside your wardrobe. Use the mirrors to get a full-body look at every outfit you wear, or use them to bring more light into a small bedroom and make it appear bigger. This contemporary design trend combines practicality with visual appeal and modernises your decor. 

3. Transparent sliding doors

One trend that has come on the rise lately is using transparent panels as your wardrobe sliding doors. They're a great choice if you love to keep your wardrobe organised and colour coded, giving a look into the satisfying arrangement inside while still creating the sense that your clothes are stored away. For a middle ground between transparent and opaque, you can also go for frosted glass doors. 

4. Recessed handles

Want the convenience of having handles on your sliding wardrobe doors but don't like how they ruin the sleek look? Recessed handles are your answer. These modern-designed handles fit far more seamlessly into your sliding doors, allowing you to open and close them with ease without taking away from the statement a completely flush wall of sliding panels can make.